Cooks River Litter Prevention Strategy

Have a look at the 3 Strategic directions proposed


Enabling a litter prevention network

Building local litter prevention capacity towards a network of organisations working collaboratively

Pilot projects

Trialling new ideas demonstrates local successes and builds catchment scale programs for litter prevention


Monitoring, review & reporting

Gather evidence and evaluate progress, building towards integrated data collection and reporting at catchment scale

We are pleased to make the Cooks River Litter Prevention Strategy document available for you to read. It has a consolidated summary of information on litter prevention work across the catchment and a range of resources that may be of interest to you.

Start your own project

You can tackle your local litter problems and protect your community by teaming up with local councils, community groups, schools, environment centres and businesses to independently deliver an effective litter prevention project initiative.

Additionally, the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) also works with local councils, community groups, businesses, state agencies and other partners to fight litter in their area. NSW EPA provides a bunch of resources to help them understand their litter problem and develop litter prevention projects and campaigns.

Find out about the NSW EPA Litter Prevention Toolkit, Grants and Resources developed by the NSW EPA.