10 ways to help the Cooks River

Let’s begin by taking baby steps!


Create less rubbish and put it in the right bin before it goes down the drain.


Pick up your pet waste, so it doesn’t end up in the river!


Sweep up leaves and put them in the bin before they go down the drain.


Report a problem on the Cooks River.


Safely dispose of oil and chemicals. Rain carries pollution to the river.


Join your council’s litter prevention or bushcare group or plant a habitat garden.


Return eligible drinks containers to a Return and Earn collection point.


Check your plumbing and stop rainwater going into the sewer.


Install a rainwater tank or use rainwater for your garden.


Start paddling or explore the Cooks River in other ways to show your support.

Text adapted from Cooks River Alliance website.

Featured Projects

We believe everyone can do something to reduce litter and change litter behaviour in their community. There are many initiatives that support the Cooks River and provide great opportunities to meet like-minded people whilst showing your care for the environment. Have a look at the projects below for inspiration on what can be done when we work together to reduce litter.

The Mudcrabs

The Mudcrabs maintain the Cooks River and its shores by routinely picking up litter and regenerating vegetation at nine different locations along the river.

Bin Your Butt

The Bin Your Butt project was held by Bayside Council. In 2021 they selected 15 locations to trial 30 cigarette butt bins and signage to direct smokers to the new facilities providing a safe community space for smoking.


Crabwalking is a project run by Mudcrabs where individuals can collect litter from public and residential areas to prevent it from being carried into waterways by rain and wind.

Love your Home Ground

Love Your Home Ground is a pilot project run by the inner-west council that focuses on building partnerships between council and community organisations – specifically sports clubs to create awareness, and education and to facilitate litter prevention actions.

The Mullets

The Mullets combine their love of canoeing with their passion for river preservation by organising monthly litter clean-ups in the river on canoes.

We like Greenacre litter free

Greenacre Area Community Centre proactively organises programs that prioritise diverse community engagement and litter prevention education with the support of the Canterbury Bankstown Council. This aims to ensure the City of Canterbury Bankstown improves the area by preventing litter.

Thinking of starting your own project?

How your business can help?


Join/organise a clean up -Team building exercise and displays strong business values. Visit Take 3 For the Sea for corporate programs.


Participate in a team paddle along the Cooks River and promote the Cooks River Paddle Trail


Participate in a “Love Your Verge” project which is a campaign to encourage people to make a habit of taking care of the verge in front of their homes or businesses. Read p56 of the litter prevention strategy to learn more.